Breast Remedy

Moving From Self-Check To Self-Care

Supporting your Breast Health Naturally

Can be that you are concerned about your breast health. Or maybe you are having a breast challenge with pain, or a mammogram or biopsy, and you are scared.

Probably, you have tried all the options around you and you are still not getting the answers you need.

What’s next?

I want you to know that you can learn more about breast health, (or brain health or heart health). And I want to accompany you in this process.

Did you know that breast disease is usually the result of feeding everyone in your life except you?

And what is underneath that? Why has this happened? And even more important, how can I fix it? How can I feel again complete?

You don’t want a quick fix, you want to know wellness and be your best self. Loving yourself and your breasts is how you can come back to wellness.

Your body is your messenger to get you back in alignment with your truly powerful self. 

I offer your to go deeper, addressing body, mind and spirit. We will work together through bodywork, energy work and wellness coaching to find the underlying patterns in your body and help you create a customized daily practice for bringing wellness to all 5 levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic.

We have create a whole guide to learn how to take care of your Breast Health. You can use it for yourself and you can also share it with other women.  

Learn how to support your breast

I'm Aubrey, and my mission is to change the breast health paradigm

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Love yourself and love your body

If you do not know what to do, and you do not have time to go through tutorials...

If you feel pain or fear because of your breast health...

I want to answer your questions ASAP...

Send me your questions. I will answer your concerns as soon as possible.

I want to get some answers!

You are never alone

We are the Remedy is your community

Together we can change the stigma around self-care from selfish to caring. There are many of us who feel this calling to make health care simpler and more accessible. Most of all, we don’t want to make anyone wrong, we want to help people find the tools that work for them. I don’t want teachers to tell me what works for them and give me their cookie cutters. I want teachers to help me discover what works for me.

This platform is dedicated to conversations about, “How do we love and listen to our bodies as teachers?”

It is devoted to finding the truth within each of us that helps us heal in our own unique and beautiful ways.

And let’s do it together, so we can have some fun on this journey together.

I want to be part of the Remedy