What we do

Since 1996 I have been interested in breast health and breast policy. This interest has now become a crusade to empower women to augment their breast health (instead of their bra size) through breast massage and education.
Where is Joan of Arc when you need her?


  • For every woman, starting in adolescence, to massage her breasts and support her lymph system in the quest for better breast health.
  • For all women to feel comfortable and knowledgeable when speaking with health care practitioners about their breast care concerns. 
  • To start a breast cancer prevention dialogue. We've had plenty of early detection, but we can - and will! - do better.
A little health now and again is the ailing person’s [breast] remedy.

— FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE, The Wanderer and His Shadow


  • Teaching Breast Massage  and Breast Self-Care continuing education classes at the We are the Remedy Community.
  • Started Mammoirs: From Breast Scare to Breast Care a blog on the state of breast affairs.
  • Created Breast Practices - a monthly mammarology news-letter. 
  • Online breast care courses for clients and professionals.
  • Future: World domination of the co-opted Pink Ribbon campaign. (Don't get me started...)