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I am Aubrey, 

and I am here to hold your hand to re-build together the best version of yourself.

No matter how you stressed, trapped, confused or alone you feel. Together, we can find the way to come back to peace, joy  and connection. 

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The human you are dreaming to be

Sometimes we discover ourselves running like monkeys, without time for ourselves... until we crash.

Sometimes we just want to hide and dissapear, like turtles do... and we feel we cannot continue moving on.

Sometimes we would just want someone to hold our hands to feel safer and stronger. We want to feel protected being part of a community, as zebras.

No matter how you feel, I want to give you the structure and the keys that are going to allow you to UNLOCK your true self in the human you are dreaming being. 

Discover if your Nervous System works as Monkey, as a Turtle or as a  Zebra, to know how to take care of yourself and living the life you want. 

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How the Nervous System really works:
A story about Monkeys, Turtles and Zebras

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This is your place


Because you are tired of being tired.
Because you don't understand why the techniques others use don't work for you now.
Because you don't give up in having a better live, but you have exhausted your own resources.
Because you know it has to be a way to recover your peace, your energy, your joy.
Because you know that if we do it together, it is going to be more effective, easier and funnier. 
Because you are committed with your own self. 

Learn how to take care of yourself

There are many keys you can learn to be better. Because Self-Care is not being Selfish, it is the only way to move forward in our own lives and help others too. 

Together, we can be the human beings we are dreaming to be. 

I am here to accompany you to find your Remedy.

"Aubrey brings skill, light, understanding and energy to the practice of Self-Regulation. As a presenter to our professional community, she opened up the  concept of regulation to bring us 'Ease Keys', welcome and easy to access practices that deepen both the understanding and practice of Regulation. She is a gift to this community, and also to our many clients! We look forward to working with her again"
Mental & Spiritual Health Center Clinician

"Our world needs leaders who can view themselves and others as sources of resilience and healing. This class provides the fundamentals of neurobiology and how our stress response shapes our psychology and biology well-being on a cellular level. It also provides tools and a structured opportunity to explore and recondition our brains, so we may more fully embody the positive, creative qualities that sow energy and hope."

"Learning Journey" Cohort Member



I have a unique approach, the result of my unique  mix of experience, working with conventional as well as complementary and alternative medicine

Yes, we are all unique. Along my decades of practice as practitioner, I have discovered that the key of our health is a balanced Nervous System. I love working in multi-disciplinar teams, with a wider approach about our uniqueness. That is why I consider each treatment as something special and totally personalize. My goal during a session is to bring you into a new relationship with your body so you can function in a way that reduces pain and discomfort, as well as encouraging structural integrity and balanced ease of movement.

That is why it is not only about a treatment that can make you feel better. It is also a re-education about the way we are living, offering the structure and the energy you can need to change what is necessary to change, and supporting the person during the whole process.