I am Aubrey Lesicki

and I am here to help

"I have a unique mix of experience, working working from a body-mind-spirit approach."

Bodyworker, Teacher, Mentor on a Mission

"Particularly, I enjoy working in a multi-disciplinary environment with an integrated team approach, as the practitioners at HHA provide. I leverage all my skills to customize treatment for each individual. My goal during a session is to bring you into a new relationship with your body so you can function in a way that reduces pain and discomfort, as well as encouraging structural integrity and balanced ease of movement. I want to educate clients to be able to carry their bodywork treatment with them throughout their lives. Since adding lymph drainage to my massage sessions, I am repeatedly amazed at the rapid results it provides."

Aubrey has trained to provide regulation thermography scans with the AlfaSight 9000 system. These scans are a non-invasive way to get in depth information about inflammation and congestion patterns in your body.

Aubrey graduated in 2002 from The Soma Institute in Chicago with a certification in clinical massage therapy. While in training, she worked assisting a chiropractor at Whole Health Chicago, a multi-disciplinary integrative medicine clinic, specializing in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

After relocating to Michigan, she was fortunate to contract with the nationally renowned Spine Program at the University of Michigan – a comprehensive pain management center integrating bodywork, psychology and exercise with conventional physical medicine injections and medications. During this time she studied Trager Method® and became certified in myofascial release, pre and post-natal massage and breast massage, as well as training in pre- and post-reconstruction treatment and scar work.

Life brought Aubrey to Seattle, at which point she spent one year in internship at Trillium Institute with Jack Blackburn, studying presencing somatics and organizing and participating in massage continuing education classes. The internship curricula included: 

• positional release technique

• intraoral massage

• oncology massage

• hospice massage

• Table Talking©

• Reiki master attunement

• decompression somatics

• movement therapy

• neuromuscular re-education

• vipassana meditation

• A Course in Miracles study

During internship she worked as a manager and medical assistant at an interventional pain management center, furthering her knowledge of neurological anatomy and chronic pain pathology.

 She is currently elated to be completing her lymph drainage therapy certification with Chikly Health Institute.

"My raison d'être is promoting breast care education and breast massage. Sadly, 'mammarology' is not currently practiced as a distinct discipline in the medical field, but bodywork professionals have a unique opportunity to change that. I have been inspired by studies that indicate that massage helps promote and restore breast health – especially after trauma, breast cancer, mastectomy and breast reconstruction."

This is your place


Because you are tired of being tired.
Because you don't understand why the techniques others use don't work for you now.
Because you don't give up in having a better live, but you have exhausted your own resources.
Because you know it has to be a way to recover your peace, your energy, your joy.
Because you know that if we do it together, it is going to be more effective, easier and funnier. 
Because you are committed with your own self.