Lymph Care

The Key Piece in Detox and Chronic Conditions

Beyond the liver

what nobody told you about Detox and health

It can be that you are feeling an extreme fatigue, or you have a diagnose of fibromialgia, chronic fatigue or any strange Autoimmune disease.

Can be that you feel your body at the limit, with pain everywhere. 

And the tests don't show anything wrong. The only you have been told is "this is autoimmune, there is no other solution but life-time medication".

Nevertheless, there is a voice inside you that repites: "it has to be a solution". 

Do not give up.

There is a solution.

Your lymphatic system is been sluggish and it is not able to clean the wast of your own metabolism. That creates lots of pains and tiredness. 

You can come back to a normal life.  You just need the right tools. 

Love your Lymph

I'm Aubrey, and I have a unique mix of experience, working with conventional as well as complementary and alternative medicine

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Why the Lymph Drainage Therapy is so important?

Basically, it helps in ALL the physiological processes in the body. 

Tissue and joint are painful when they are accumulating toxins from your own metabolite. 

Sometimes there is stagnation in one area, and you have pain, edema, inflammation, cellulite or lymphedema.

LDT can be beneficial in the correction of numerous conditions, as well as in preventive health maintenance. In essence, LDT works to help re-circulate body fluids, stimulate functioning of the immune system, and balance the autonomic nervous system. It is shown that when these actions are accomplished, the result may be:

  • Relief of acute and chronic fascial, visceral, joint and breast pain

  • Reduction in edemas (swelling) and lymphedema**

  • Relief of acute and chronic inflammatory conditions such as acne, eczema and allergies

  • Immune system stimulation and detoxification of the body

  • Regeneration of tissues (e.g. from burns and post-surgical scarring)

  • Deep relaxation to ease insomnia, depression and stress

  • Antispastic actions to relieve spasming muscles (sorry, not spastic children)

  • Reduction in the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia

  • Alleviation of adiposis and cellulite tissue


**If you (or someone you love) has had any cancer treatment involving the removal of lymph nodes, PLEASE make sure you are educated about the risks of lymphedema. It is a serious condition and there are many things you can do to prevent it. I would be delighted to discuss with you how to keep your lymph healthy and happy.


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