6 Weeks to change your life.

Restorative Anatomy for Self-Regulation with Aubrey Remedy

Online course

From Sept. 14th to Oct. 19th

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Unlock the healing intelligence of your body

Your body is design for Life and Health. You can be your own healer. You can learn how to take care of yourself and the people you love. You have the right of learning it. Now, you also have the oportunity. I'll hold your hand during that process. 

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What you will learn

  • Understand how the nervous system, brain, circulatory systems, respiratory system, and bones work together to support us.
  • Recognize why various self-regulation practices work to activate the relaxation reflex in the body.
  • Use a personal workbook and daily practice to explore self-regulation and anatomy insights between sessions.
  • Discover how your nervous system state makes all the difference in clinical settings through the power of co-regulation.
  • Discuss how to work with the anatomy of self-regulation in a clinical setting.

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The invitation to you, as a Wellness Coaches and Educators, is to inquire into the grand intelligence of your nervous system. Be curious and enjoy discovering MORE about the exquisite nature of your triune nervous system.

How could your own nervous system regulation be affecting your clients'?

We will discuss these issues from a framework of Polyvagal Theory and Trauma-Informed Care, while staying embodied and moving toward Healing-Centered Engagement.