Tune into the exquisite
intelligence of your body

Support your physical and mental health by connecting to your natural relaxation reflexes

Most people are familiar with what happens when their fight, flight, and freeze reflexes are triggered.  The Power of Ease helps you activate the relaxation reflexes in your body to cultivate comfort and balance within you.

You will learn through reading, watching, and practicing simple processes called "Ease Keys— efficient relaxation exercises that you can do anywhere in just a minute. 

Join us to discover the Ease Keys that work for your body.

Spark the healing and restorative capacities within you and your community.

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We are the Remedy is your community

Together we can change the stigma around self-care from selfish to caring. There are many of us who feel this calling to make health care simpler and more accessible. Most of all, we don’t want to make anyone wrong, we want to help people find the tools that work for them. I don’t want teachers to tell me what works for them and give me their cookie cutters. I want teachers to help me discover what works for me.

This platform is dedicated to conversations about, “How do we love and listen to our bodies as teachers?”

It is devoted to finding the truth within each of us that helps us heal in our own unique and beautiful ways.

And let’s do it together, so we can have some fun on this journey together.

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Practices rooted in neuroscience, anatomy, polyvagal theory, energy medicine, and somatic intelligence. Somatic intelligence means learning about the intelligence of your body and how to work with it.

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