Self-Regulation: Creating Habits of Ease for PTSD and Anxiety (December 2022) FREE

Creating Habits of Ease for When You Need Them Most

By Aubrey Remedy

With the rapidly changing world we live in, there is much uncertainty.

We can feel very vulnerable when we don’t know what to expect.

These stressful feelings can express as: 

  • pain, 
  • tension, 
  • shakiness, 
  • sweating, 
  • negative thoughts,
  • emotional upset.

 If we have had traumatic events in our lives, the memories of these old events may become activated by new stressors. This creates a Stress Loop in the nervous system, similar to PTSD. How do we relieve these anxious, stressful feelings quickly and easily?

 While we can’t always change the world outside of us, we can support the world inside of us to feel more secure through Self-Regulation. In this class we will learn how to support the body to reduce the stressful sensations inside, so we can face the outside world with more grace and ease.

 You will learn Ease Keys, which are short and effective body-mind practices to interrupt the cycle of stress. These exercises initiate a Restoration Loop in your nervous system. Together, we will combine the Ease Keys into a personalized practice that you can use to retrain your nervous system and your mind. We will use the power of learning as a group to create a Community of Practice. Then we can have fun while we encourage and motivate each other.

 The Ease Keys partner very well with other stress-relief exercises to make them even more powerful. You can use these to advance the meditation, movement, and other mindfulness exercises you are already practicing, so they can become even more effective. By the end of the 4 weeks, you will build a Habit of Ease that you can use daily to balance your nervous system at any moment of the day.


Here are the class details:

Online Study via Zoom

4 Thursdays, Dec 1 - 22 at 12pm -1:15pm PST (3pm EST)

Each class will be recorded and available for the month to review between weekly live sessions

No refunds unless class is cancelled.


What’s Included in this Self-Regulation Series:

  • Four 75-minute classes online
  • PDF of Participant workbook
  • PDF of poster handout
  • Videos of individual lessons

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Self-regulation will help you become more aware of what is happening in your nervous system, body, and brain. This journey supports you discovering more about how your body works, so you can learn to work with the nervous system, instead of against it. The lessons are experiential so you can learn step-by-step in a supportive environment. 

The invitation to you, is to be curious and enjoy discovering more about the exquisite nature of your nervous system. How could your own nervous system regulation be affecting your family and friends? We will discuss these issues from a framework of Polyvagal Theory and Trauma-Informed Care, while staying embodied and having fun.

Self-Regulation Agenda

We are scheduled over 4 weeks so that you will have the opportunity to practice.

During sessions 1-3 you will receive the lessons and guided group practice with lecture and time for questions.

Session 4 will be an integration of the material to be sure you have personalized your Habit of Ease exercises into a practice that you enjoy. 

The goal is being more comfortable practicing the Self-Regulation lessons and sharing them with friends and family. Following the practice session, we will have time for questions, from anatomy details to practical advice.

Week 1 Agenda:

Welcome and Lessons 1-3:

  • Get Your Witness in Play,
  • Create a Strong Foundation,
  • Grow You Comfort Zone
  • Questions, reflections, and anatomy details

Week 2 Agenda:

Lessons 4-6:

  • The Power of Your Breath
  • Create Room for Your Organs
  • Your Triune Nervous System
  • Questions, reflections, and anatomy details


Week 3 Agenda:

  • Lessons 7-9
  • Love Your Inner Turtle
  • Come to Your Senses
  • Co-Regulation: Bring Your Practice to Life
  • Questions, reflections, and anatomy details 


Week 4 Agenda:

  • Integration of the exercises into your personalized practice


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