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Ease Keys for Empaths and Intuitives (Nov 2023)


The nervous system is very complex. There are millions of bits of data coming through our sense organs, into the brain, from inside and outside of the body. For many of us, there is a sixth sense. We are highly attuned to the environment and the people around us. It can be overwhelming for the nervous system to sort through these extra-sensory perceptions on top of the typical sensory stress we experience from day to day.

While we can’t always control the people around us, we can support the world inside of us to feel more secure through Self-Regulation. In this class we will learn how to support the physical and energy body to reduce the stressful sensations inside, so we can face the outside world with more grace and ease.

Whether or not you have already studied the Ease Keys, this class is designed to help you take these exercises to the next level. You will learn how the nervous system is interfacing with your energy system. We will add guided visualizations to expand the Ease Keys in a way that helps you better regulate your extra-sensory systems.

We will expand your study of Stress Loops to see how these extend to the people around us. This is through understanding our personal Stress Languages. We use Self-regulation to become more aware of the Stress Languages coming from our bodies. Then we can learn to work with the nervous system, instead of against it. The class lessons are experiential so you can learn step-by-step in a supportive environment.

The Ease Keys, with the guided meditations, will initiate a Restoration Loop in your nervous system. Together, we will combine the practices in a personalized way that you can use to retrain your nervous system and your mind. We will use the power of learning as a group to create a Community of Practice. Then we can have fun while we encourage and motivate each other.

This class partners very well with other meditation practices to make them even more powerful. You can use these to advance the meditation, movement, and other mindfulness exercises you are already practicing, so they can become even more effective. By the end of the 6 weeks, you will build an Empathic Success Practice that you can use daily to balance your nervous system at any moment of the day.


Here are the class details:

Online Study via Zoom

6 Tuesdays, from Nov 14th at 5:30pm PT. (90-minute class each week)

Each class will be recorded and available for the month to review between weekly live sessions

No refunds unless class is cancelled.


What’s Included in this ESP Series:

  • Six 90-minute classes online
  • PDF of Participant workbook
  • PDF of poster handout
  • Videos of individual lessons


Contact us for other pricing options and scholarships, or to bring this course to your clinic or organization! 

This is an opportunity for you to be curious about your energy body and enjoy discovering more about it. How could your own energy system regulation be affecting your family and friends? We will discuss these issues from a framework of the natural world and Ayurvedic energy anatomy, while staying embodied and having fun.


Empathic Success Practice Agenda

We are scheduled over 6 weeks so that you will have the opportunity to practice. There will be two lessons every week, that build on each other over time. Session 6 will be an integration of the material to be sure you have personalized your exercises into an Empathic Success Practice that you enjoy.


The goal is to become more comfortable practicing embodied awareness and communicating with your nervous system and energy body. Following the practice session, we will have time for questions, from anatomy details to practical advice.


Week 1 Agenda:

Welcome and Lessons 1-2:

  • Get Your Witness in Play; Expanding Your Witness
  • Create a Strong Foundation; Connecting to Heaven and Earth
  • Questions, reflections, and anatomy details


Week 2 Agenda:

Lessons 3-4:

  • Grow You Comfort Zone; Create Your Inner Sanctum
  • The Power of Your Breath; Heart Through Ho'oponopono
  • Questions, reflections, and anatomy details


Week 3 Agenda:

Lessons 5-6

  1. Create Room for Your Organs; Gut Mind, Heart Mind, and Brain Mind
  2. Your Triune Nervous System; Stress Languages
  3. Questions, reflections, and anatomy details


Week 4 Agenda:

Lessons 7-8

  • Love Your Inner Turtle; Expand Your Inner Sanctum
  • Come to Your Senses;  Our Senses Keep Us In Presence
  • Questions, reflections, and anatomy details


Week 5 Agenda:

Lessons 9-10

  • Co-Regulation: Honing Your Mirror Neurons
  • Energy Connection; Like Attracts Like
  • Questions, reflections, and anatomy details

Week 6 Agenda:

  • Harvesting Your Successes
  • Integration of the exercises into your personalized practice

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